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Who We Are

Our ability to develop long-lasting relationships with our customers has forged a path of stable growth.

With a healthy portfolio of projects, we have built a reputation for performing quality work and completing projects ahead of schedule.

This pattern of success is a result of our commitment to recruit and develop a highly qualified, professional labor force, in order to provide superior value to our clients and contribute to our communities.

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Roofing Solutions office building.
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Some Stats that Define us

We specialize in commercial roofing and wall panels of all shapes and kinds.

Roofing project at the Baton Rouge Zoo.

40+ Recent Clients

22+ Industry Awards

Established in 2004

Board Member of NRCA

(National Roofing Contractors Association)
Roofing project at the Baton Rouge Zoo.


Covering the Gulf Coast and beyond…



75 +


350 +

Staff Members

2,400 +

Recent Projects

Our Journey

Skills and expertise build up as years go by.


Expansion into the Midwest

The company's success becomes the bedrock for growth into the new territories. New service divisions are opened in Denver CO and Phoenix AZ.


Executive direction of NRCA

Roofing Solutions takes the executive seat in the National Roofing Contractors Association, the most important roofing industry association in the world.


Back-Office opens in Costa Rica

To improve efficiencies and tap into a multitalented team of architects and estimates, Roofing Solutions opens a back office overseas in the heart of the tropics.


New Partner

With long-standing expertise in the corporate sector, MBA Lautaro De La Cruz, joins the company as partner and CEO, to take it to the next level.



Roofing solutions get established after Tupac De la Cruz graduates from Louisiana State University with a dream of redefining the roofing industry.


What We Stand For

Over the years, our commitment to build with passion and skill has turned us into one of the Top 100 Roofing Contractors in the U.S.

Our Mission

We proudly ensure that our passion and technical expertise are evident in everything we do, thereby establishing a lasting and meaningful legacy.

Roofing project at Mississippi.

Our Vision

To be the most reputable, respected, and reliable commercial contractor across Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, and to provide world-class quality in order to build lasting relationships based on trust and integrity.

Why Roofing Solutions is a leader.

Why Choose Us

Craftsmanship is costly; success is rewarding.

Since 2004, we specialize in commercial roofing and wall panel systems, forging a path of stable growth and hard-earned success.

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We're committed to turning your assets into a legacy that lasts.